Ramsbury V Lambourn

The 20th annual quiz took place this month. Yes 20 years of quizzing with Lambourn. This year saw a new quiz master Aldetha Raymond and a whole new format. The questions alongside a picture where projected so the audience could really take part amongst themselves, which Aldetha  really picked up on with the ladies in the back row.  Both teams answered the same questions and where awarded points at the end of each round. Round 1 where weed related and Round 2  The Vegetable Garden a very broad range of questions at this point Lambourn had taken the lead by 2 1/2 points. Round 3 a general knowledge round before breaking for a very delicious spread generously laid on by Lambourn. Both teams scoring equally during round 3. Round 4 history this included a gnome question I really liked Aldetha style. Round 5 a flower topic and lastly Round 6 Pests we did manage to score higher in this round. We had a very enjoyable evening in Lambourn unfortunately for us the trophy remains in Lambourn . The final scores Ramsbury 57 Lambourn 61  1/2. A very well done to Lambourn and thanks for hosting and of course thank you to our quiz master Aldetha & assistant. Until next year