Summer Show – Off

It is a very relaxed set of classes, with the benefit that you have until 8 pm on Thursday 6th Aug to send in your exhibits!!
No despair when a beautiful bloom goes over before show day, or the rain wrecks plants you wanted to exhibit. With some classes you don’t even have to pick your flower/produce. Any time between now and Thursday 6th Aug you can send in your entry to
We do hope you will enjoy entering.
2020 – Summer ‘Show-off’
1 Tomatoes – on the plant.
2 Courgettes – on the plant.
3 My Herb Garden/collection.
4 Any other vegetable.
5 My favourite fruit tree/bush.
6 My ‘fruit pickings’
7 Rose(s) – on the bush.
8 Sweetpeas – in situ or in a vase.
9 Vase of flowers.
10 My favourite plant(s) in a pot.
11 Floral Art – ‘A table decoration’.
12 Home Industries – ‘Afternoon tea’.
13 Arts and crafts – ‘A Lockdown make’.
14 Art – ‘A Precious Picture’ any medium.
15 Build a home for nature.
16 Photography – ‘ The unexpected’.
The Show-Off will go online at 2pm on Sat 8th Aug.
You will then find a voting form so that we can have a members/fun winners list. More details with the Show.
If you have any questions or queries, please ask.